KAJIAN ISLAM MODERN Volume VI, Nomor 11 Tahun 2018, ISSN 2337 - 8298

Posted : 19 Okt 2019
Prinsip Menilai dan Menentukan Media Pembelajaran


Teachers  should  plan  and  implement  learning  activities  in  the classroom  using  the  media.  Therefore,  the  learning  process  will  be more  effective  and  efficient.  The  use  of  media  can  help  the  goal  of learning  achievement. However,  choosing the  right  media  to be  used in  learning  is  not  easy.  The  selection  of  media  requires  certain principles  in  order  to  provide  appropriate  media.  Before  determining instructional  media,  teachers  should  consider  the  philosophical, psychological,  and  sociological  aspect  in  selecting  and  using instructional  media.  Media  selection  should  also  refer  to  three  main principles. They are the principles of effectiveness and efficiency, the principle  of  relevance,  and  the  principle  of  productivity.  The  selection of  instructional  media  should  also  consider  several  criteria.  First,  in accordance with the purpose of learning. Media is selected based on predetermined  instructional  goals  that  generally  refer  to  one  or  a combination  of  two  or  three  domains:  cognitive,  affective,  and psychomotor.Second,  it  support  the  content  of  the  lesson.  Third,  it practical,  flexible,  and  durable.  Fourth,  teachers  can  use  it.  Fifth, suitable for student. Sixth, good quality. 

Keywords: Evaluation, Learning Media 



01 Feb 2018

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